In 1981, under the pastoral leadership of the Rev. Zeph Dawnes the idea of a Baptist Church in Old Harbour manifested. Meetings began at the manse then moved to the home of Deacon William T. Gordon at West Street, Old Harbour.  The search for land in Old Harbour began by the entire Old Harbour Bay Church. Owing to several factors, including the focus on building a new Old Harbour Bay Church, the idea of an Old Harbour Church went to bed and fell asleep.

The idea resurfaced in 1988 when Rev. Jeffery McKenzie came as pastor for the circuit after Rev. Dawnes left I 1987. It however, only continued in the pipeline as discussions with the Union which ensued bore no fruit. Rev. Bill T. Graham took over a pastoral leader in 1995 after Rev. J. McKenzie left the same year. During his time St. Catherine Baptist Association (SACABA) under the direction of the Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU) again looked at the possibility of a cause in Old Harbour.

After Rev. Graham resigned effective July 1, 2000 and Rev. McKenzie started moderating in September 1, 2000, Rev. Denzil Jack (SACABA Acting Moderator) approached him to continue to spearhead the cause at Old Harbour.

At last the time came and the first Sunday Morning worship was held at the Old Harbour Primary School on the 1st Sunday of November 2000, and on January 14, 2001, the official Recognition and Launching service was held on the quadrangle of the said school. The Old Harbour Church received official status as a church of the Jamaica Baptist Union at its General Assemble held February 2002.