The Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU) has a long and distinguished history in Education in Jamaica. However with each successive generation, the knowledge of the role of the JBU and its work in Education could diminish if we are not deliberate in guarding against that possibility. This Fact Sheet is meant to assist in that continuing education task. 

Did you know that the JBU owns 156 schools categorised as church owned and government leased? They are further grouped as follows: -

- 2 Baptist High Schools 
- 1 Trust School (The JBU is one of four trustees) 
- 86 Early Childhood Institutions/Basic Schools/Infant 
- 67 Schools in the categories of; All Age, Primary, Primary Infant, Primary Junior High 

Did you know that the JBU has governance responsibility for all these schools? 

School Boards 
The JBU recommends persons for appointment to School Boards. This is usually done in consultation with the local church where the school is connected to a local church. Recommendations are sent by the JBU to the National Council On Education en route to the Minister of Education. 

Government Leased Schools-Where a school is categorised as government -leased the denomination has responsibility for naming the Chairman only. 

Church owned schools: In the case of church owned schools the following obtains: 
Primary & All age Schools: A Board of not less than nine (9) persons, four (4) of these persons, persons including the chairman should be nominated by the denomination. 

Secondary/ High Schools: Administered by a Board of not less than nineteen (19) - members. Seven (7) members including the chairman should be nominated by the denomination. 

Early Childhood Institution: That which obtains for the boards of primary schools is usually applied. 

Did you know that it is the responsibility of the JBU to endorse all recommendations for Principals? 

Principal Appointments 

- When the position of principal becomes vacant the JBU should be informed. 

- Should the need exist the Education Committee of the JBU will provide guidance on the procedure in filling the post. 
- The JBU should be kept abreast of the process which includes advertisement and the short listing of candidates and should be  invited to sit as observer during the interview process. 
- In the case of church owned and government leased schools the denomination must provide a letter of endorsement to the - -- Ministry of Education in order for the appointment to be considered. It should be appreciated that the JBU cannot provide such endorsement unless the relevant documents have been seen by the JBU and it is satisfied concerning the process observed and the recommendation(s) made by the Board. 

Did you know that each year the JBU organizes a Baptist Awareness Week? 

Baptist Awareness Week 

- Each year the JBU observes Baptist Awareness Week during the third week in November. This year it will be observed on November 17-23. The observance usually includes a broadcast on Christ for Today (aired on the Sunday on RJR @ 6:00 am). 
Additionally, information concerning some aspect of Baptist history and work is usually circulated to all of our schools and churches to be shared with students and staff. We encourage you to observe this week in your schools with the assistance of the material received from us each year. 

- This year the focus will be on William Knibb. 

Did you know that the JBU has School Custodians? 

School Custodians 
The JBU has a number of volunteers most of whom are retired educators that we regard as school custodians. They are expected to develop and maintain relationships with schools in their respective areas, serving as a link between the JBU Education Committee and the schools. We will in short order provide you with the name and contact information of the person assigned to your area and ask that you be receptive of their visits and interest shown in the schools. 

Prepared by: 
Merlyn Hyde-Riley (Rev. Mrs.) 
Associate General Secretary 
Youth, Education & Training