The general responsibility of the Evangelism Committee is to mobilise the circuit for effective perennial evangelism


Specific duties include, but not limited to: -


     To monitor the list of visitors to the Church and to co-ordinate the effort to be of help to them


     To propose, plan, and offer leadership in a programme of perennial evangelism through: -

a.      House to house Evangelism

b.     Visitation and prayer Evangelism

c.     Personal Evangelism

d.     Mass Evangelism Open Air meetings and Crusade

e.      And other forms of Evangelistic activities


     To co-ordinate the alter counselling programme:

a.      Identify possible alter counsellors

b.     Organize training for these counsellors

c.     Develop roster of counsellors


     To co-ordinate the follow-up programme for new converts:

a.      Keep proper record of decisions

b.     Assign members to visit decision-makers/frequent contact is to be made

c.     Monitor program to supervise, care and counsel young Christians/new members


     To assist in the preparation of believers for Church membership through the conduct of: New Life Classes.